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Father's Day at the Beach with My Wife and Daughter

I’m not some fitness model that has time
to spend all day in the gym.

You only need access to dumbbells and a pull-up bar!

“Hey CK, Thanks for the guidance and PURE ENERGY. You've started something special. Your system is life changing.”
Lex in California

“Chris, I’ve lost almost 100 pounds! You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know. Thank you.”
James in Tennessee, USA

“Chris, Thanks so much! I did p90x and Insanity back-to-back and still did not get the results that I have with your program. I love it so much and I'm ready for the next step. I'm gonna keep making it happen my whole life.”
Ryu in California, USA

"Chris, I was seriously overweight and depressed when I came across your video... Something about your journey resonated with me. I was never a fan of fitness videos, shortcuts, or supplements, but the fact that your transformation came without any “extreme” dieting or shortcuts made sense to me. Just real food and real training. After the first week I started to see major results and I started feeling great all the time. I transformed from overweight and depressed at 85KG and a 38” waist to smiling and happy at 74KG with a tiny 28” waist! Everything in my life changed for the better.”
Ravnit in England

“Chris, you really motivated me, thank you.”
Pablo in Brazil

“Chris, I had been looking for something like this for a while. Many of my friends we're doing the P90X thing or running lots of miles every day and doing workouts without achieving any real results. I stumbled across one of your videos on youtube and the things you were saying made a lot of sense. I had noticeable results within just a few weeks. I was definitely feeling fitter, faster, and stronger, and I had a lot more energy. I have 2 children and a full time job, so I know what it's like to have limited time, but with the your programs it’s easy.”
Brandon in Tennessee, USA

“Chris, you changed my life, thank you. I will never forget.”
Gonçalo in Portugal

“Chris, I was fed up with the way I looked and felt. I went from being an athlete to being a guy who didn't want to take his shirt off two years later.  I knew I needed to get back in shape but what I had been doing wasn't working for me. I stumbled your site one night around 2am. The next afternoon I decided to take a chance and make the purchase. It was honestly one of the best decisions of my life. I felt a determination that I haven't felt in years.”
Derek in Michigan, USA

“Chris, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Witnessing your transformation made me believe in myself again. I’d never been in amazing shape before, but your transformation gave me the confidence that I could do it too. I was 25 years old and spending all my time hanging out in bars and drinking with my buddies. My life wasn’t going anywhere. I saw your results and I became absolutely clear on what I wanted to achieve. With my newfound confidence and clarity, I took immediate action. Your program guided me step-by-step on the path to true health and fitness. Everything changed, my body, my face, my attitude, and most importantly my self-respect. Transforming my body, step-by-step and overcoming obstacles one day at a time allowed me to earn my own self-respect. Now, I feel like I can to anything. Finally, I believe in myself. I’m ready to take on and overcome new challenges everyday. If I can do this.. then absolutely everybody can do it! I want everyone to have this experience. I want everyone to feel this way! Now… If I would just shave my chest, I could be a fitness model! Hahaha!”
Zac in Washington, USA

"Chris provides the path. Follow it and success is guaranteed. "

"Chris Krueger is exactly the person we need to transform America and the world. His straight forward and honest approach works every time it's applied. He provides a simple and direct path to achieving the body of your dreams and reaching your full potential. His efforts inspire me daily." David E. Hawaii, USA

“Chris, by following your programs, I was able to build muscle and burn fat at the same time! I finally achieved my “dream body.”  I'm stronger, faster and I feel much better about myself then I did before I started started your programs. I've been following your principles ever since, and I'm still able to build strength and muscle while keep my body fat very low. I feel incredible health. Thank you!

Lars N.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Will Shewfelt is a young actor who was recently cast as Brody, The Red Ranger, on Nickelodeon's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot, Ninja Steel. He has this to say about the The TSC Heart of a Champion Program:

“As an actor, I like to maintain a lean, chiseled physique year round--but not at the expense of becoming a gym rat, full-time chef, or steroid abuser. I need constant energy, real food that doesn't leave me hungry, and effective workouts. Chris Krueger's TSC program is the only approach that allows me to stay in peak shape with tons of energy and to feel satisfied instead of starving. Through beasting, feasting, and fasting-- I am leaner, stronger, more resilient, and healthier than I've ever been. Chris makes staying shredded, energetic, and healthy both easy and sustainable. For me, the biggest benefit is that I can spend more time focusing on what matters to me instead of wasting willpower on endless dieting.”  -Will Shewfelt, Actor

“Chris, I want to start by saying how thankful I am. You really opened my eyes about true health and fitness.  I always thought I was a decently healthy person, but now I can truly say that I have never felt better or had more energy in my life!  I transformed my body and my outlook on life! I no longer live each day in the grind. I live everyday to the fullest and take nothing for granted. I started seeing results within the first week, and that motivated me to keep going…  I plan on continuing my journey and living each day to the fullest”
Jason in Florida, USA

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“Chris, after my first week I was already a changed man. My confidence increased and everything just felt so much better. Waking up in the morning was easier, I was more motivated to go to school and my mood was better. My mentality is stronger and more positive, and people around me noticed... I was so happy with the results. The six pack wasn't the only good thing to come out of this challenge. I changed as a person. I look at life differently now, more positively. I see challenges and opportunities everywhere!"
Daniel in England

“Chris, My core feels completely rock hard, including my obliques! My lower back pain was gone after one week and my flexibility improved dramatically. I also noticed that my focus improved, I never felt hungry, and my cravings for crappy food vanished. I lost 15 pounds in just one month and my fitness went through the roof! Chris, you have been a good friend, coach, and resource.  Not only are you passionate, you are direct in your approach.  Fitness seemed so complex before, but you totally simplified it… and my results were huge!"
Sam in Canada

“Chris, I exceeded all my goals! I went from 234 pounds with a 38” waist to 213 pounds with a 33” waist! I feel great, I look great, THANK YOU!”
Jessiah in Pennsylvania, USA

“Chris, I feel great, and I look better than ever. My waist has gone from 30.5 inches to 28 inches. I’m moving heavier weights, I feel fitter and stronger than ever before. I think all women would benefit from your training methods.  I think it's great that you're making the point that women can get great results, and not end up looking like a bodybuilder.”
Amy in England, UK

“When I started your program I had already been working out seriously for about a year, but I just couldn't get the results I wanted. I had been stuck at the same weight for months and started to lose my motivation... Then I decided to give your program a try. I started to see results after just a couple of weeks. My motivation came back and by the end of 10 weeks I had the body I've always wanted! Your program is easy to understand and actually delivers what it promises. Starting this program is clearly one of the best choices I've ever made.”
Tone in Norway

“I recommend your programs to all my friends. I love it.”
Roban in Sweden

"Chris, I crushed The Heart of a Champion Program and I’m still improving on every aspect of my health and fitness. I am super pumped about my results. I will keep practicing your principles for life!”
Brad in North Carolina, USA

“Thank you for your program, you are a great inspiration to us all! I've never been this healthy. I lost 17 kilos and 20 centimeters off my waist!”
Marcus in Sweden

“Chris, I thank you every day for the program. It’s exactly what people need… Your program is the treasure map to a ripped and healthy body. Every area of my life improved including my mental health and productivity!”
Leandro in Brazil

"Chris, I finally feel healthy, thanks for the motivation!”
Joey in California, USA

“Chris, thank you for everything! People keep asking me, what’s your ab workout?”
Ricky in Florida, USA

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