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A Strong Core and a SLIM Waist Line are vital For Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control: Excess Abdominal Fat Increases your Risk of Disease and Serious Health Complications

  • Heart Disease, the #1 Killer of Men & Women in the United States
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer's/Dementia
  • Type 2 Diabetes

Your Waist Circumference at the Navel should be LESS THAN half your Height

Men with a waist circumference above 40" (100cm)  

and women with a waist circumference above 35" (88cm)
are considered High Risk. 

About Me:

I was weak, slow, and “skinny-fat.”  As a pimply-faced college freshman I was too embarrassed to even go near the weight room on campus. I was ashamed of my soft body and pitiful lack of strength. I tried several programs to improve my strength, athleticism, and physique. I even bought the goofy shoes that are supposed to make you run faster and jump higher. I followed “bodybuilder routines” that I found in magazines like Flex and Muscle and Fitness. I would drive across town and work out at the YMCA so I wouldn’t be seen lifting dinky weights in the college weight room. I was working hard, 6 days per week, for hours at a time. I started drinking protein shakes daily, just like the magazines said, but my results were meager. I was 19 years old and my hormones should have been peaking for incredible growth, yet I had very little to show for my efforts, given my youth and obsessive work.

I was fed up with failure. I was fed up with blindly following what the magazines and supplement companies were preaching. On my 20th birthday I snapped a photo in front of my garage. I was determined to figure it out. It couldn’t be that hard, could it? I was already spending more than 12 hours in the gym every week (plus that extra time driving across town to use the Y) and blowing hundreds of dollars per month on jugs of protein powder.

I started seeking real knowledge, not the magazine hype. I read books and research journals. I spoke with professors and track & field experts, but the most influential person in my development was Emil Verboski. He was the strength & conditioning coach for the Bulgarian National Team during the height of Soviet athletic dominance. He exposed me to radical new ideas and training methods that were light years ahead of the conventional training methods typically used in the West. Emil’s influence helped me to develop my own philosophy of health and fitness that rapidly transformed my body. From age 20 to 21, everything changed. I went from being an insecure and wimpy kid to a fit and confident young adult. My strength, power, and athleticism skyrocketed too. I went from barely “touching rim” on a basketball hoop to effortlessly dunking the ball with two-hands.

My friends were amazed by my results. They started asking me for help and I was happy to give it to them. I was the driving force behind a challenge that saw two of my best friends, John and Zach, each lose 80 pounds of fat, radically increase their strength, and completely change the trajectory of their lives.

From there I started my YouTube channel and started helping people around the world change their lives by implementing a few simple daily practices. 

I took a job coaching football at a small college in Southern California. I hurt my back at work one day. It was a devasting injury, two herniated discs in my lumbar spine. I was stuck in a vicious cycle of pain, anger, laziness, depression, junk food cravings, and weight gain. I felt pathetic and wallowed in my self-pity, while getting a little bit fatter every day. When I finally had the guts to step on the scale and look in the mirror, I found a stranger staring back at me. This wasn’t me, it couldn’t be! A few months before, I had been the living embodiment of youth, health and vitality. Now I felt old and decrepit. I was up to 253 pounds with “cottage cheese thighs” that rubbed together when I walked. My Body Mass Idex was 30.0, I was literally obese. 

I started following my own TSC Heart of a Champion Program, the same one that I’d sent to people all over the world. I followed the program to the letter. 
I put my words into action, and over the course of the next 70 consecutive days, I triumphantly rebuilt my body. Each day I looked and felt just a little bit better. After just 10 weeks those tiny, incremental improvements added up to staggering results.

Everybody can transform with this program. It doesn't matter if your a skinny-fat or obese-fat. Follow the program and it will work for you. I guarantee it. 

Can I be completely honest? This is a 70 day program that will absoltuely change your life. I sell it for just 50 bucks and it has a 90 day no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. This is a no-brainer. I'm taking all the risk so you can confidently get started today. 


Father's Day at the Beach with my Wife and Baby

I'm a Full-Time Working Dad with an Amazing Roster of Personal Training Clients. 

My Clients Make the Best Television Shows and The Biggest Movies

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Enjoying the Game of Thrones Primiere with Emmy Award Winning Writer/Producer
David Benioff and Middleweight World Champion Gennady Golovkin

You only need access to dumbbells and a pull-up bar!


  • Discover the simple and deliberate practices you can use on a daily basis to effortlessly produce incredible results.
  • Learn how to generate better results in less time.
  • Use my simple practice of Beasting, Feasting, and Fasting to flood your body with the right hormones.
  • Break down fat, repair muscles, and improve mood.

What is the Cost of Doing Nothing?

  • Are you fatter, sicker, and weaker?
  • Do you feel constantly anxious and depressed?
  • Do you feel out of control?
  • Are you slowly gaining weight and losing your health?

The Bonuses!!!

You Get Absolutely Everything You Need to Transform

1. The Next Step: The TSC HOC sequel program for additional 70 days of Transformation Training to get you all the way there!

2. Sample Schedules: Effortless setup your new routine by consulting one of my sample schedules.

3. The Answer Vault: I’ve painstakingly combed through thousands of emails and comments to find the most frequently asked questions. This Answer Vault will illuminate your health and fitness journey.

4. My Private contact info: Use my personal email address to get right to the top of my inbox.


Real People all over the World Transform in Just 70 Days

Pablo in Brazil

Derek in Michigan

Lex in California

"Chris provides the path, just follow it and your success is guaranteed. "

"Chris Krueger is exactly the person we need to transform America and the world. His straight forward and honest approach works every time it's applied. He provides a simple and direct path to achieving the body of your dreams and reaching your full potential. His efforts inspire me daily." David E. Honolulu, Hawai'i

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It's a 70-Day Transforamation Program that will Change your Life. 

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It's an Absolute No-Brainer.
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  • Burn Fat Fast: It's entirely possible to lodr 50 pounds of fat in 70 days, I did!
  • Build Lean Muscle as efficiently and effectively as possible, training for an average of only 35 minutes per day
  • Naturally boost your metabolism and increase energy levels.
  • Become a Fit, Fast, and Strong All-Natural Athlete.
  • Transform your body the right way.
  • Boost your confidence, self-esteem, productivity, and success.
  • Get Shredded. Have Fun.

Jason in Florida

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Q: Is there anything in The TSC Heart of a Champion Program that I could find for free online?

A: You can find information about anything online, just google it.  I’ve synthesised decades of research, education, and practical application to create a simple to follow, step-by-step, path to success.

Q: Is it worth the Money?

A: I’ve worked hard to make The Heart of a Champion Program an incredible value. Taking control of your body and your health is the most important thing you can do. You’re results will influence every other aspect of your life, including all your personal and professional relationships. You’ll feel different about yourself and the world will feel differently about you. Plus You have ZERO RISK, becuase I offer a 100% Money Back Guaratee and the Program is only 70-Days long. 

Q: How long will this take?

A: You’ll see and feel results after just 7 days. I routinely have clients lose 5% of their total body weight in the first week of making a few diet and lifestyle changes. You'll see massive results by the end of 70 days

Q: What if I’ve failed on every other diet and exercise program I've tried?

A: The truth is that all diets and programs eventually fail because they rely on willpower for you to override your natural urges. I'll show you how to hit the “reset” button on your cravings and food addictions. You’ll start to desire nourishing foods and you’ll stop eating when you're full. There’s no need to restrict portions or count every single calorie. You’re new “diet” will become entirely effortless and self-sustaining.

Q: Can I do this?

A: If you’re an able bodied adult then YES, absolutely! Transforming your body doesn’t take any talent, skill, or ability. You just need to remove a few distortions and interrupt a few old habits that are sabotaging your success.

Who Should Do the Program and Who Shouldn't...

You Should Abslutely Start your TSC Heart of a Champion Transfomation Today, if...

You’ve tried to get in shape before but lacked a clear, direct, and proven approach.

You know need to make some changes but you don’t have time to figure it all out on your own.

You’re not sure which diet or training program is right for you.

You feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting diet and health information online.

You want to learn from someone that’s personally overcome the embarrassment of being a “skinny-fat” teenager and a devastating back injury that left me fat, angry, and depressed.

You want to replace the old habits with new practices that help you feel better everyday.

You are ready for a fresh start and want to get results as quickly efficiently as possible.

You’re committed to enjoying effortless health and true fitness for the long term.

The TSC Heart of a Champion Program is NOT for you, if...

  • You think pills, powders, and protein bars are “the answer.”
  • You’re looking for a shortcut to get results.
  • You’re willing to sacrifice long-term health for short-term gains.
  • You’re interested in competitive bodybuilding.

Jessiah in Pennsylvania
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